Megan’s Law matters are complex and go far beyond the scope of “normal” criminal defense matters.  Sex offense convictions can have severe and long-lasting collateral consequences.  Busy criminal defense attorneys may be unaware of the many collateral consequences that accompany sex offense convictions, both in New Jersey and in other states.  As a result, trial lawyers often fail to inform their clients of these post-conviction collateral consequences.

If you are an attorney who is representing an individual accused of or charged with a sex offense, Maynard Law Office, LLC offers Megan’s Law consultations to help you obtain the best possible legal outcome for your client.  Our attorneys have experience defending clients charged with sex offenses across New Jersey and in other states.  Further, we have obtained favorable legal outcomes for many of our clients, and understand the legal issues involved.

Our firm provides attorneys with detailed legal memoranda and offers critical practice tips to help you navigate the complexities of Megan’s Law at the State and Federal levels.  We offer assistance on a wide variety of sex offense matters.

For example, some of the topics on which we may be able to assist you include:

  • Pre-conviction sex offense matters, such as:
    • Advising clients of the legal effects of pleading guilty to a sex offense in NJ (including: registration obligations, PSL/CSL requirements, and more!)
    • Advising clients of the collateral consequences, such as:
      • Registration requirements in other states/territories triggered by length of stay, employment, or residence.
      • Employment Restrictions
      • Restrictions on Internet/Social Media Access
      • Curfews / Electronic Monitoring
      • Residency and Proximity Restrictions
    • Identifying alternative criminal offenses to which the client may plead guilty that minimizes the collateral consequences of the conviction
  • Post-conviction sex offense matters, such as:
    • Challenging ADTC evaluation’s “repetitive and compulsive” finding
    • Initial and subsequent tier hearings
    • Parole violations
    • International or interstate parole transfers

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