James H. Maynard’s Article Published in NJ Law Journal in Response to Public Outcry Calling for 2 Family Court Judges to Step Down

Two Juvenile Court judges faced criticism after denying the State’s motions to waive two juveniles to adult court.  Both cases involved alleged sex assaults committed by sixteen-year-old teen boys.   After the Family Court judges held hearings on the waiver issue, both Judges denied the State’s waiver application.  In other words, the judges ruled that the two cases should remain in juvenile court.  The State appealed. The State argued that the judges substituted their own judgment for that of the State.  The Appellate Division agreed with the State. As a result, the Appellate Division reversed the decisions and remanded the matters to Family Court.

Managing member of Maynard Law Office, LLC, James H. Maynard, Esq. wrote an article that was published in the NJ Law Journal.  His article presents a refreshing perspective of the juvenile waiver issue and offers a reasoned, critical analysis that discusses the stated goals of the Juvenile Justice Code, relevant statutes, and public policy considerations. 

He weaves these elements together to bring attention to the critical procedural and substantive issues involved in the seemingly unfettered discretion afforded to the State in juvenile waiver cases.   Such topics are absent from the sensationalist articles and statements made by those in public office.

After practicing as a criminal defense lawyer for over two decades, Mr. Maynard decided to focus on representing those facing sex crimes matters. Now, Maynard Law Office, LLC is a specialized law firm devoted to representing juveniles and adults charged with sex offenses at all stages in a case.  In addition to offering pre-trial representation, we also handle appeals and sex offense collateral consequence issues. If you or someone you know needs legal representation, call us today at (973)-540-0054. We offer free consultations.

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