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NJ Supreme Court hears PCR Claim on Child Sexual Abuse

In the State of New Jersey, a sex offense conviction has many life-altering effects.  For instance, a sex crimes conviction can lead to a sentence including  Megan’s Law and/or Parole Supervision for Life (PSL).  Many people find living on Megan’s Law and parole supervision very difficult because it may affect where they may work and […]

SORNA found unconstitutional by PA Supreme Court

On July 19, 2017, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled SORNA (the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act) unconstitutional when applied retroactively in certain cases.  It found that SORNA violated the ex post facto clause of both the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions.  This decision may have a major affect for some registered sex offenders in […]

New Jersey Bill, A1418, Seeks to Expand the State’s Jurisdiction to Prosecute Sex Crimes

It has been the long-time position of the New Jersey Judiciary that the only crimes that may be prosecuted in New Jersey must be alleged to have been committed in this state.  Several New Jersey Assemblymen are attempting to expand the reach of this state’s law enforcement by submitting Bill A1418, which would allow for […]

International Megan’s Law, H.R. 515, Signed into Law

Yesterday, on Monday, February 8, 2016, President Obama signed bill H.R. 515 into law, establishing International Megan’s Law.  This bill has received significant criticism from human civil rights and advocacy organizations, equating the effects of the bill to the yellow star worn by Jews during the Nazi Germany era.  The bill’s sponsor, New Jersey House […]

New Jersey Bill Seeks to Establish Sex Offender Residency Restrictions

Local New Jersey laws restricting where Megan’s Law sex offenders may live were once determined to be in violation of state law by the New Jersey Appeals Court in the case G.H. v. Township of Galloway, 401 N.J. Super. 392 (2008).  However, a new bill, A1141, has been introduced before the New Jersey Assembly that would […]

What is a Drug Offender Restraining Order (DORO) in New Jersey?

Most New Jersey residents know that a Temporary Restraining Order is in connection with a domestic violence issue.  Some are also knowledgeable of Nicole’s Law, which is a type of restraining order against sex offenders to prohibit contact with a victim.  However, few individuals within the State of New Jersey are familiar with or even […]