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Court of Appeals Vacates “Complete Computer & Internet Ban” Condition Imposed on Sex Offender

In United States v. Holena, the Third Circuit Court concluded that a district court can NOT impose a blanket computer and Internet ban on a sex offender.   In the present case, the defendant, a convicted sex offender, was prohibited from using internet accessible devices as a condition of parole. The district court convicted Holena […]

NJ Supreme Court: Child Sex Abuse Accommodation Syndrome Inadmissible at Trial

The NJ Supreme Court issued a landmark decision relating to child sex abuse cases in State v. J.L.G., Docket No. A-50, 078718 (2018).  The Court held that expert witnesses cannot present testimony about “Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome” (known as “CSAAS”) at trial. If you went to trial in NJ and were convicted of sex offense, this decision […]

PA Amended SORNA May Not Be Retroactively Applied to Certain Registrants

A little over a year ago, in Commonwealth v. Muniz, the PA Supreme Court ruled that SORNA may not be applied to those who committed sex offenses before SORNA became law. In February, the PA Legislature amended SORNA, attempting to “correct” the unconstitutional portions of SORNA. This led to the enactment of “Act 10.”    However, PA courts […]

Maynard Law Office, LLC, Gets Registrant Off Megan’s Law

Managing member of Maynard Law Office, LLC, James H. Maynard, Esq. recently argued a case, In re State ex rel. C.K., before the New Jersey Supreme Court. In that case, the Court  struck down mandatory lifetime Megan’s Law registration, as applied to juvenile adjudicants. Now, NJ registrants who were adjudicated as juveniles for sex offenses […]

The Scarlet Letter of International Megan’s Law “Sex Offender” Passport Marker

IML’s Unique Passport Identifier: Summer has arrived and vacation season is upon us too! Many sex offenders are now subject to International Megan’s Law (“IML”). This federal law became effective last Fall. Now, many registrants may be wondering whether IML will affect their travel plans.   Under IML, passports for affected sex offenders will state […]

Maynard Law Office, LLC Wins Major Victory for Juvenile Sex Offenders in New Jersey

NJ Supreme Court Strikes Down Mandatory Lifetime Registration for Juvenile Sex Offenders  On April 24, 2018, the NJ Supreme Court decided the case, State in the Interest of C.K.  The Court was asked to decide whether it was constitutional to require juvenile adjudicants to register as sex offenders for life, without any chance of getting […]