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James H. Maynard, Esq., Presents Sex Offense Law Seminar at NJ State Bar Association’s Annual Convention

Last week, James H. Maynard, Esq. delivered a presentation at the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  This three-day convention draws over 3,000 attorneys from across the tri-state area.   Significantly, Mr. Maynard was one of nine attorneys selected to deliver a presentation on the “Criminal Litigation” track.

In Atlantic City, Mr. Maynard presented a sex offense law seminar on how to effectively represent clients in this area of the law. He offered many practical tips and advocacy techniques to give those attorneys in attendance the tools to obtain better legal outcomes for their clients.

Some of the topics discussed were:

Delayed Reporting:

  • There is often a gap in time between the alleged sexual conduct and the date on which such allegations are reported to law enforcement. Mr. Maynard discussed why it is crucial for lawyers to understand the criminal statutes of limitation and how to analyze whether a client’s case is subject to an extension of the statute of limitations for a particular offense. Additionally, Mr. Maynard explained the importance of identifying the effective dates of various key statutes.

Amendments to sex offense laws:

  • Laws criminalizing sex offenses and laws that set forth other consequences are subject to frequent amendments.  Consequently, Mr. Maynard instructed attorneys on the importance of carefully analyzing these critical dates.  In some cases, after our legal team reviews clients’ court records, it becomes apparent that certain clients were IMPROPERLY subject to certain harsh consequences. For example, in one case, our law firm discovered that a client was improperly placed on PSL. In that case, due to our firm’s experience and knowledge, we were able to quickly spot this issue and obtain relief for this client.

Diversionary programs for adults and juveniles charged with sex offenses:

  • Many attorneys assume that clients facing these charges are ineligible to apply for diversionary programs. Diversionary programs include Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) for adult defendants, or “deferred dispositions” for juveniles. Importantly, a “deferred disposition” results in the dismissal of a juvenile’s charges as long as he completes probation and follows all conditions. In addition, the juvenile is NOT subject to Megan’s Law or other collateral consequences.
  • Admission into diversionary programs in sex offense matters is NOT easy. However, there are many techniques that lawyers can utilize to increase the chances of admission. For instance, Mr. Maynard discussed the use of psychological reports to persuade prosecutors to consent to a diversionary outcome. In most cases, our law firm advises clients to obtain psychosexual evaluations and to initiate sex offender counseling. These are just a few examples of ways to improve a client’s likelihood of admission into diversionary programs.

Maynard Law Office, LLC Specializes in Sex Offense Law:

Given our law firm’s extensive experience and significant legal victories, other lawyers frequently come to us for expert legal advice.  Moreover, Mr. Maynard has participated in cases as a “consulting” attorney on a number of occasions.

At Maynard Law Office, LLC, we represent clients on a variety of sex offense law matters. For example, these matters include:

  • Pre-charge sex offense allegations
  • Pre-conviction sex offense matters
  • Removal from sex offender registries
  • Appeals & post-conviction relief
  • Modification of Parole conditions
  • Megan’s Law Tier Reduction

In conclusion, if you or someone you know is seeking representation on a sex crimes matter, call us today. Our firm consists of a talented team of professionals who have experience and success with these matters.   We provide high-quality legal services on a variety of pre-charge, pre-conviction, and post-conviction matters. So, call us at (973)-540-0054 for a free consultation!

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