A man who was convicted of stealing more than 100 credit card numbers from several banks and credit unions was recently sentenced to federal prison. Two individuals, one of which is from New Jersey, purportedly perpetuated the crime.

One defendant was sentenced to 64 months behind bars. He will also endure a period of two years of supervised release following incarceration. The co-defendant has been sentenced to 58 months behind bars and two years of supervised release.

In November 2012, a jury convicted the men of fraudulently obtaining more than 100 debit and credit card numbers from several banks and credit unions. These stolen credit card numbers were then embossed on cards for use. For several months in 2010, the defendants used these credit and debit card numbers at stores throughout the East Coast.

The defendant’s actions were initially discovered by a Target store. Staff observed the two men trying to buy gift cards with several credit cards. Many cards had been declined. Subsequently, the U.S. Secret Service got involved, and authorities uncovered the scheme.

Most of the fraudulent activity took place in Target stores throughout New Jersey and a few other states. Credit cards were used at other stores, as well. According to The Sentinel, the defendants’ use of the account information totaled more than $500,000. The primary victims in the case included 25 financial institutions and more than 100 individuals.

Fraud charges in New Jersey

Fraud charges can evolve from a number of different activities. The aforementioned story is one example of the fraudulent use of credit cards; however, there are other types of utilized schemes. They include:

  • Prescription fraud
  • Check fraud
  • Theft by deception
  • Forgery

If a person is caught engaging in any of the above mentioned activities, he or she will face serious charges.

Stores and authorities are always watching. For example, the defendants of the credit card scheme were caught because staff members at Target observed irregular activity. Moreover, once the store focused in on the suspects, law enforcement assisted with the investigation.

If you engage in fraudulent activities, you could be caught. If you do face criminal charges, it is best to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your case. A seasoned attorney can review all evidence and explore potential defenses. Sometimes, evidence can be limited in such matters. To learn more, contact a professional in your area.

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