Some seemingly innocuous acts are actually sex crimes

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Many behaviors are ill-advised but are not technically illegal. However, a number of seemingly innocent and relatively harmless behaviors are actually classified as sex crimes. It is important to know where the boundaries of the law are so that you do not cross them. Sex crime convictions can carry hefty penalties that can affect you for the rest of your life.

The first relatively harmless choice that can result in sex offender convictions is urinating in public. Runners, homeless people and individuals who simply find themselves without access to a bathroom may think that utilizing a discrete location to pee while in public is harmless, necessary or both. However, data from Human Rights Watch indicates that at least 13 U.S. states will require persons convicted of public urination to register as sex offenders.

The second behavior to watch out for is flashing one’s breasts. A generation exposed to the surprising and disturbing popularity of “Girls Gone Wild” videos may believe that flashing one’s breasts is harmless, fun and even expected in certain odd social situations. However, some states consider breast flashing to be indecent exposure worthy of sex offender registration.

Finally, it is critical that teens and parents of teens understand that when a minor takes a naked self-portrait that this image can be considered child pornography. The minors who take these photos, anyone who distributes them and anyone who possesses them can be convicted of sex crimes. What starts as self-expression can lead to some very serious consequences, so avoid this kind of picture taking.

Always contact an experienced attorney if you or your child needs help.

Source: Business Insider, “7 Surprising Things That Could Make You A Sex Offender,” Erin Fuchs, Oct. 9, 2013

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