James H. Maynard, Esq. named Chairman of NJSBA’s Megan’s Law Sub-Committee

By Maynard & Sumner, LLC of Maynard & Sumner, LLC posted in Megan’s Law on Thursday, April 17, 2014.

The law firm of Maynard & Sumner, LLC, of Morristown, New Jersey, is pleased to announce that its president, James H. Maynard, Esq., has been named Founding Chairman of the Megan’s Law Sub-Committee of the Criminal Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA). Mr. Maynard has provided an overview of the mission and various goals of the Sub-Committee:

The Megan’s Law Sub-Committee will address the law, procedures and practice environment of New Jersey’s sex offense laws and related matters. The Sub-Committee will endeavor to bring together professionals with an interest or involvement in this complex, unique and evolving area of the law. This professional forum will provide its members with a supportive and collegial atmosphere for the study and exchange of ideas related to the difficult and emotionally charged issues inherent in Megan’s Law practice. The Sub-Committee will also promote communication and the exchange of views between the different “sectors” of the multi-faceted Megan’s Law system that deals with sex offenders (e.g., bench, bar, prosecution, defense, police, parole, therapists, psychologists, etc.). An important mission of the Sub-Committee is the goal of enhancing the quality of justice, public safety and fairness of the Megan’s Law system for all parties.

In addition to the benefits provided to its members, the assembled knowledge base of the Sub-Committee will provide an important resource to the legal community and to society in general. The Sub-Committee can be expected to engage in a myriad of educational and advisory functions and projects, including the preparation and delivery of professional education “CLE” courses. In addition to monitoring legislation and disseminating information on developments in Megan’s Law, the Sub-Committee may be requested to comment on proposed laws, regulations or court rules. The experience and expertise of the professionals in the Sub-Committee will allow it to provide advice and recommendations to legislators, administrative agencies, law enforcement, the courts, et cetera.

For any legal professional in the State of New Jersey who interested is joining the Sub-Committee, please contact the law firm of Maynard & Sumner, LLC at 973-540-0054.

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