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James H. Maynard, Esq. admitted to the New York State Bar

Maynard Law Office, LLC is very pleased to announce that attorney, James H. Maynard, Esq., was admitted to the New York State Bar on January 18, 2018.  Over the course of the last several years, the law firm has been increasingly sought by people on SORA (Sex Offender Registration Act).  As a result, Mr. Maynard has represented individuals on a case-by-case basis in various NY courts, including but not limited to, Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany.

In addition, Mr. Maynard is admitted to the New Jersey and Pennsylvania bars.  Also, Mr. Maynard is admitted to practice before the Federal Third Circuit, United State Court of Appeals and the United State Supreme Court.

High quality legal representation for sex offenders on Megan’s Law and SORNA

James H. Maynard, the head attorney at Maynard Law Office, LLC, founded the law firm in 1994.  The firm began as a boutique criminal defense law firm in northern New Jersey.  Originally, Mr. Maynard and his associates focused on delivering high quality legal services to criminal defendants.

About 15 years ago, Mr. Maynard became aware of the lack of justice and experienced attorneys available to convicted sex offenders.  Post-conviction sex offense law is highly technical.  So, Mr. Maynard began the process of educating himself in all issues related to sex offense law, i.e. Megan’s Law and SORNA.  In addition, Mr. Maynard is very familiar with the social and medical science related to sex offenders.

Now, the law firm focuses on providing high quality legal representation to convicted sex offenders in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Mr. Maynard has argued before the Supreme Court of New Jersey, resulting in two major victories:  State v. Gyori, 185 N.J. 422 (2005) and In re Registrant, N.B., 222 N.J. 87 (2015).  Also, Mr. Maynard has lectured at Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses before the New Jersey State Bar Association.

Maynard Law Office, LLC representing NY sex offenders on SORA

In the State of New York, certain convicted sex offenders are subject to SORA.  Maynard Law Office, LLC represents NY sex offenders on various legal matters. Se offender legal matters include, but are not limited to:

  1. Appeals of SORA Hearings, which classifies a person’s risk level and determine whether he is a “sexually violent predator”;
  2. Constitutional challenges to SORA;
  3. Motions for removal from SORA; and
  4. Interstate transfers of parole and parole related issues.

In conclusion, Mr. Maynard looks forwarded to representing more people in New York, and seeks to positively impact its sex offender laws.

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