Sex Crimes Seminar

James H. Maynard, Esq., Delivers Presentation to Attorneys at NACDL “Sex Crimes” Seminar

James H. Maynard, Esq. was one of sixteen talented attorneys and experts from around the country who was invited to give a presentation at the Sex Crimes Seminar in Las Vegas in November 2018.  The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer (NACDL) sponsors the annual event.  Every year over 450 defense lawyers attend the seminar.  Seminar topics ranged from: how to cross-examine expert witnesses to jury selection in the “#MeToo era.”

As Mr. Maynard runs a specialized “sex offense” law firm, he first discussed the important topic of how to avoid and/or improve the collateral consequence outcomes for clients accused of sex crimes.  To illustrate, just a few examples of such consequences include:

Sex Offense Collateral Consequences:

  • Employment restrictions
  • Civil commitment
  • International Megan’s Law
  • Ban on possessing firearms
  • Chemical castration
  • Prohibited from being near public parks, schools, etc.
  • Residency restrictions
  • GPS monitoring

Next, Mr. Maynard shared advocacy techniques to help attorneys prevent or manage the damaging effects of a sex offense conviction for their clients.  These techniques are ones drawn from Mr. Maynard’s own experience and success as a specialized sex crimes lawyer.

Finally, Mr. Maynard discussed constitutional legal theories and principles that lawyers can use to challenge sex offense laws.   Moreover, Maynard Law Office, LLC, has achieved many significant legal victories using these theories.

Recent Legal Victory:

For example, Mr. Maynard argued and won State in the Interest of C.K.  In this case, the NJ Supreme Court struck down the automatic imposition of lifetime Megan’s Law on juvenile adjudicants.  In essence, the Court held that such individuals must be given the ability to petition to get off Megan’s Law.  Even more, this case is just one of the firm’s many legal victories— all in the field of sex offense law.

At Maynard Law Office, LLC, we represent clients on a variety of sex offense law matters, including but not limited to:

  • Pre-conviction sex offense matters
  • Removal from sex offender registries
  • Appeals & post-conviction relief
  • Modification of Parole conditions
  • Megan’s Law Tier Reduction

In sum, if you or a loved one is facing a sex offense charge or seeking to improve their quality of life as a result of a sex offense conviction, call our firm today.  Sex offense law is complex.  It requires specialized lawyers who have the experience and ability to properly defend these cases.  In support, our firm consists of a talented team of professionals who have experience and success with these matters.  So if you’re looking for high-quality legal representation on a sex crimes matter, call us at (973)-540-0054 for a free consultation!

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