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Child Sex Abuse

NJ Supreme Court: Child Sex Abuse Accommodation Syndrome Inadmissible at Trial

The NJ Supreme Court issued a landmark decision relating to child…
CSL appeal

Maynard Law Office, LLC Wins CSL Appeal: Client Removed from CSL!

In a recent victory for Maynard Law Office, LLC, the NJ Appellate…

Maynard Law Office, LLC Wins Major Victory for Juvenile Sex Offenders in New Jersey

NJ Supreme Court Strikes Down Mandatory Lifetime Registration…

NJ Legislature Expands Meaning of "Child Porn" and Creates Harsher Penalties

NJ Amends Child Endangering Law Recently, New Jersey made…

New Jersey Bill, A1418, Seeks to Expand the State’s Jurisdiction to Prosecute Sex Crimes

It has been the long-time position of the New Jersey Judiciary…

NJ Supreme Court Grants PCR, and Union County Man Gets New Trial in 20-Year-Old Murder Case

Over 20 years from the original murder conviction, the NJ Supreme…

Warren County Man Pleads to Child Endangerment Before Jury Renders Verdict

On Friday, December 11, 2015, an Alpha man pled guilty to one…

Ocean County Sex Offender Arrested for CSL/PSL Violation – Should We Be Concerned?

Misinformation is an ongoing problem and challenge for the sex…

Can Juveniles Be Sentenced to Life Imprisonment in New Jersey?

In the State of New Jersey, juvenile offenders are treated as…